Our Partners



Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa

The mission of the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa (BGCO) is to provide a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life.

BIG COOK Tuesday

Starting September 2017, the EAT MORE SOUP! crew is partnering with the BGCO for BIG COOK Tuesday. We will work with over 200 children and youth, teaching them how to make delicious vegetarian soups during our weekly cooks. Each BGCO participant will share in a meal Tuesday evening and  take soup home for their family. Mentoring opportunities give much to both the mentor and the mentee. We are building resiliency, community and connection with each bowl of homemade soup!


Heartwood House


Heartwood House is home to 18 small non-profit and charitable organizations. Heartwood is better together under one roof - working collaboratively, sharing resources and ideas in a welcoming, safe and affordable space. 

 Souper Wednesday

Each week, from September to May, the EAT MORE SOUP! crew  - on a break even budget - creates delicious vegetarian soup and a bread/muffin for Heartwood program staff, participants and volunteers. Our ‘Pay It Forward’ program ensures that everyone who wants soup can have soup on Wednesdays. The opportunity to give back and receive thanks has tremendous impact on self confidence, happiness and overall well being. Last year we served over 900 bowls of soup, offering 102 bowls of soup through our ‘Pay It Forward’ program!




At Starbucks, we seek opportunities to be globally responsible to people and the planet; to create opportunities for our partners and their families; and to elevate the communities we serve. Every Starbucks store is part of a community, and we’re committed to strengthening neighborhoods wherever we do business. Our Starbucks Mission: “To inspire and nurture the human spirit — one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.” Together, we will continue to make a difference — as partners, as citizens, and as participants in our shared democracy.

Each EAT MORE SOUP! intern will have the opportunity to participate in mock interview sessions to prepare for the real thing. Starbucks Managers from across the city will lend their skill and expertise, ensuring each participant is ready to meet with our employer partners upon successful completion of their 12 week internship.




Upon completion of their 12 week training, EAT MORE SOUP! interns will have the opportunity to interview with at least one of our Employer Partners. This aspect of EAT MORE SOUP! is unique. It provides an open door to employment for adults who will not achieve their high school diploma, but who deserve an opportunity for a better, more financially secure future. This is life changing; providing opportunities for people to showcase their skills and abilities in a real way regardless of education level. Every one of us wants to contribute. Every one of us wants to be connected. Every one of us deserves that chance.

Each of our Employer Partners has agreed to guarantee an interview for successful EAT MORE SOUP! interns:

  • Brown's Your Independent Grocer ~ Stittsville

  • Farmboy

  • Foodsmiths ~ Perth

  • Massine's Your Independent Grocer ~ Ottawa




Whenever possible, we support other local social enterprises. Building in opportunities for supply, purchase and partnering means that we all profit. Supporting social enterprise means supporting locally run businesses who are actively contributing to the good in our community.

  • We purchase our spice blend for our Spiced Carrot Soup from Thirteen.

  • We are talking with Growing Futures about the possibility of purchasing fresh herbs for our soups.

  • Our Kale & Sweet Pea and Curried Lentil soups are on the menu at Krackers Katering.